Settling in Dillon :)

As you may know, I recently moved to Dillon, Montana to serve my second AmeriCorps term. This time, I am working with Big Sky Waterhsed Corps. This is an 11 month program where I will be working for the Beaverhead Conservation District and Beaverhead Watershed Committee to help protect our watershed! My main job during my time here is to come up with a Watershed Restoration Plan. It involves talking with local landowners and stakeholders, researching and analyzing potential issues that concern the watershed, and to come up with a plan to mitigate these threats. Among that, there are other side projects such as website and social media development, community outreach, environmental education, and volunteer coordination. I finished up my first week, and it has been going well! My boss seems to be super nice and I’m excited to see the work we can do together over the next year! Next week, I will meet the other Big Sky Watershed Americorps members in Bozeman!

Image result for dillon mt map

Dillon is in the southwest corner 🙂

My dad and I made the trip out here in 30 hours of driving. We were lucky enough to stop in Rapid City, South Dakota to catch a nights rest. In the morning, we were able to go to Mount Rushmore. Since it is off season, there was literally no one there. We had the monument to ourselves. Absolutely beautiful! My geology nerd self and trail crew rock lover self were amazed by how our presidents were carved into the rock.


Mount Rushmore Monument

The drive was relatively painless. We encountered one storm once we hit Montana, but it wasn’t too bad. I have now hit 33 of the 50 states. My goal is to get all 50 one day! So, I have to take a second to brag about my car. If you know me, you know I love my car, Rosie, more than I probably should. Not only did she survive the drive, but she hauled all of my belongings and two people across 2,000 miles of plains and mountains while still got 30+ miles per gallon. For a 2005 Camry, she is a champ!


All of this packed into Rosie!

When I first got to my place, the first thing I noticed were the stars. As you look up, there are more stars than you can possibly imagine. Dillon is a pretty small town (4,000 population) which makes for little light pollution. I’m hoping to get out with my new camera and take some good night photos here soon!

Our home here is pretty cute. I live with two other girls and three dogs. The past two years, I’ve had pretty intense dog fever, so being here helps cure that a little bit. I’ve gotten pretty settled here the past two weeks. I love having my own space again.

My place! Always welcome!

I am excited for what is to come, but it is also outside of my comfort zone. I find myself again in a foreign setting trying to figure out how to build community and make a measurable difference for the environment. I’m trying my best to stay open minded, meet new people from different walks of life, and learn all about the local community. I’ve been reading nonstop about the history. From Lewis and Clark to Teddy Roosevelt, it amazes me all that I have learned so far. Maybe that could be my next blog post! Well, until next time!


Oh! I love snail mail! Send me some loving and I’ll be sure to send back!

P.O. Box 729 Dillon, MT 59725




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